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As per directions, Monthly Pay Slips are not being uploaded in website. Form 16 for 2011-2012 provided to CMP Record Office.

Pay Accounts Office (ORs) Corps of Military Police maintains the Pay Accounts and AFPP Fund Accounts of approx 9000 CMP Personnel below officer rank (PBORs) serving in 211 Units spread throughout the Union of India. PAO CMP caters to the needs of the PBORs of CMP in matters relating their Pay and allowances. PAO (ORs) CMP is under the administrative control of PCDA Bangalore.


1 Maintenance of Pay and AFPP Fund Accounts of JOOs
(including JCOs Holding Honorary Commission Rank)
/ ORs / NCsE and issue of soft copy of
MPS to Units through Record Office

2 Authorization of advances wherever admissible

3 To audit and compile the Imprest Accounts rendered by the
Field Imprest Holders.

4 To advice Record Officer/Centre Commandants on matter
relating to P&A of JCOs/ORs/NCs (E).

5 Final Settlement of Pay and Fund Accounts in r/o PBOR becoming
Non-effective and issue of LPC –CUM-DATA Sheet

6 To audit and pass the AFPP Fund / Scooter Advance
through NEFT each week.





From the Desk of Addl. CDA


Phone No: : 080-25305075

Email: pao-cmp.cgda@nic.in
Address: Mother Theresa Road, Neelasandra,,
Bangalore-560 025.

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